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Supervisor of Science and STEM- President of the Maryland Supervisors Science Association

August 31, 2022



Supervisor of Science and STEM- President of the Maryland Supervisors Science Association

Dr. Yovonda Kolo, Supervisor of Science and STEM for Calvert County Public Schools (CCPS), will serve as the President of the Maryland Supervisors Science Association (MSSA) for the 2022-2023 school year.

MSSA is an association of Science Supervisors, Coordinators, and Specialists at both the elementary and secondary levels from the 24 school districts in the state of Maryland. The purpose of the association is to promote the improvement of the teaching and learning process through effective supervisory practices and to further foster and promote excellence in science in all Maryland schools.

As President, Dr. Kolo will preside over the MSSA meetings, which take place four times a year and provide leadership to K-12 science education leaders across the state of Maryland. Prior to the MSSA meetings, Dr. Kolo will work collaboratively with the MSSA Executive Committee and MSDE Science leaders to plan agendas filled with a range of topics from high school graduation requirements, best instructional practices for teaching and learning science, and best leadership practices for leading instructional change. Additionally, Dr. Kolo will lead the charge in planning for a diverse group of guest speakers who will discuss current scientific topics and innovative instructional methods.

Dr. Kolo is an advocate for Science and STEM education and identifies relationship building as one of her core strengths. Her collaborative leadership style has resulted in her fostering strong relationships in the Science and STEM communities. Her leadership in Science and STEM extends beyond CCPS as she does humanitarian work in Maryland, Virginia, and Nigeria. In her new leadership role as President of MSSA, Dr. Kolo will continue to build strong relationships as she advocates for exemplary supervisory practices which empower teachers to increase student achievement.