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Four Tier Bus Schedule for the 2021-2022 School Year

July 22, 2021


Four Tier Bus Schedule for the 2021-2022 School Year

Calvert County Public Schools will follow a four-tier schedule for the 2021-2022 school year. This new student transportation and school day schedule will equalize the instructional time among our elementary and middle schools and increase student and staff safety by reducing traffic congestion at the Plum Point, Northern, and Windy Hill campuses. Students enrolled in different schools will no longer share busses.

Bus stop locations, bus routes, and bus numbers will be available through the Home Access Center (HAC) and sent to parents/guardians in mid-August. Please ensure any address changes are communicated to your student’s school so they are assigned to the appropriate bus stop.

Calvert County Public Schools utilizes the Here Comes the Bus (HCTB) app and website. HCTB shows users the proximity of the bus to the bus stop location. HCTB is activated using the student’s unique student identification number and our school system’s code 87757.

The four-tier schedule is:

First Tier

Patuxent High School 7:15-2:15

Huntingtown High School 7:15-2:15

Northern High School 7:15-2:15

Calvert High School 7:35-2:35

Calvert Country School 7:45-2:15

Career & Technology Academy* 7:35–10:05 and/or 11:05-1:40

*CTA students ride shuttle buses from their home high school to the CTA, then back. There is no direct busing.

Second Tier

Calvert Middle School 8:00-3:00

Mill Creek Middle School 8:00-3:00

Northern Middle School 8:00-3:00

Plum Point Middle School 8:00-3:00

Sothern Middle School 8:00-3:00

Windy Hill Middle School 8:00-3:00

Third Tier

Calvert Elementary School 8:45-3:30

Dowell Elementary School 8:45-3:30

Huntingtown Elementary School 8:45-3:30

Mt. Harmony Elementary School 8:45-3:30

Mutual Elementary School 8:45-3:30

Windy Hill Elementary School 8:45-3:30

Fourth Tier

Barstow Elementary School 9:15-4:00

Beach Elementary School 9:15-4:00

Patuxent-Appeal Campus 9:15-4:00

Plum Point Elementary School 9:15-4:00

St. Leonard Elementary School 9:15-4:00

Sunderland Elementary School 9:15-4:00

For questions about the four-tiered schedule, contact Mr. Kevin Hook, Supervisor of Transportation & Athletics at and/or Mr. Ed Cassidy, Director of Transportation at


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