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MSDE Releases CCPS’ School Report Cards Since Pandemic

MSDE Releases CCPS’ School Report Cards Since Pandemic
MSDE Releases CCPS’ School Report Cards Since Pandemic

The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) released the 2022 Maryland School Report Card for school districts on March 9, 2023. Prior to that date, the most recent report cards were for 2019. As part of the report card, Maryland schools receive star ratings based on five stars with one being the lowest.

Calvert County Public Schools (CCPS) falls in the state average of 75% of Maryland Schools earning a 3-, 4-, or 5-star rating. For 2022, CCPS’ schools star ratings reflect that 23% received a 5-star rating, 59% received a 4-star rating, and 18% a 3-star rating.

CCPS overall data for elementary and middle schools showed improvement in Academic Progress. According to the MSDE, this indicator measures the performance of students who show meaningful relative growth in math and English language arts and who demonstrate proficient skills and knowledge in science, and who pass transitional grade course requirements.

“Our goal is to have all schools ultimately achieve five stars rankings,” shared Dr. Susan Johnson, Chief Academic Officer for Calvert County Public Schools. “We continue to align our curriculum, instruction, and assessments to ensure each student is meeting grade level standards. The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future provides us an opportunity to plan for programs, strategies, and resources to support student success for all students.”

Each of the District’s high schools scored a 4-star rating. Additionally, the CCPS overall high school graduation rate was 95%, which was an increase from the previous year.  

“These outstanding ongoing graduation rates are directly related to our dedicated team of administrators, teachers, and staff who diligently work with our families to ensure students are engaged and meeting and in many cases exceeding academic and attendance requirements,” said Dr. Andraé Townsel, Superintendent of Calvert County Public Schools. “We continue to be committed to increasing student achievement for all students so that they can pursue their desired pathway upon graduation.”

The 2022 Maryland School Report Card is available at Parents who would like a more comprehensive understanding of their child’s academic achievement are encouraged to contact their child’s school. For more information about Blueprint for Maryland’s Future and CCPS’ plan, visit