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School Resource Officers

The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) School Resource Unit assigns one officer to every high school and middle school in Calvert County as part of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Calvert County Public Schools (CCPS). The officers serve as liaisons working closely with the administrative staff and teachers to enhance school safety and address security matters. These liaison officers also develop rapport with students and present programs in class that encourage good decision making, build self-esteem, and teach students to be positive role models in the community. In the event of a disturbance at the school, the officers will be available to assist if needed. In addition to fulfilling their law enforcement responsibilities at their respective high school or middle school, School Resource Officers (SROs) also work with elementary schools to address security matters and other needs as they may arise.

The programs CCSO School Resource Officers present to CCPS students include Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) and mentoring programs. The SROs will help to coordinate a program to reduce teen traffic fatalities by using innovative methods to encourage young motorists to drive safely. Each summer, the officers also host camps for students in elementary, middle, and high school. The SRO supervisor will also receive all the anonymous tips sent through Safe Schools Maryland.

Sgt. Andrew Woodford

School Resource Officer, SRO Supervisor, CES, MES

DFC Chris Childress

School Resource Officer, PHS

DFC Derick Clark

School Resource Officer, HHS

DFC Drew Durnbaugh

School Resource Officer, MHES, NMS

DFC Kevin Hall

School Resource Officer, DES, PAC, SLES

Cpl. Troy Holt

School Resource Officer, HES, PPES, PPMS

Cpl. Vaughn Johnson

School Resource Officer, CHS, CTA

Matthew Krueger

School Resource Officer, MCMS

DFC Christopher Murphy

School Resource Officer, SMS

DFC Shane Naughton

School Resource Officer, NHS

F/Sgt. Vincent O'Donnell

School Resource Officer, SES

DFC Kamhren Parks

School Resource Officer, BES, WHES, WHMS

DFC Ryan Spalding

School Resource Officer, BAES, CCS, CMS