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Nuclear Emergency Directions for School Administrators

When notified by the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) and/or Superintendent’s Office of an impending Shelter-in-Place or Evacuations, schools will take the following actions:

  1. The affected schools and offices will initiate a Shelter-in-Place Protocol. Teachers will confirm their student attendance and report same to their administration. All students should remain in classrooms. All doors and windows will be closed and secured.
  2. The affected schools will begin initiating their Evacuation to HOST SCHOOL Protocol, as appropriate. Teachers will confirm student attendance and report same to their administration. All students should remain in classrooms until instructed to board buses for departure. Buses will respond to the RISK SCHOOLS to assist with relocation of students and staff.
  3. Have everyone remain indoors or go indoors.
  4. Have Building Services Worker shut down air handling systems and lock-secure all exterior doors.
  5. To the extent possible, keep phone lines open.
  6. If notified of plans to evacuate by Superintendent’s Office:
    1. Secure emergency response kit. All staff should know the location of the host site.
    2. Plan to move two or more classrooms of students at a time to each bus as it arrives at your site; all students must ride buses. Make certain you have adequate adult supervision. At least one, and preferably more than one, administrator should accompany the students to the site.
    3. Bus drivers will be notified of the route to the host site by Department of Transportation personnel.
    4. When evacuation is ordered, the release of all affected student(s) will take place at a prearranged reunification site.
    5. Student drivers are not to be permitted access to private vehicles.
    6. Have nurse collect all students’ medication to move to host site.
    7. Building administration shall make certain that all occupants are out of the building and then proceed by private vehicle to the host site.
  7. After arriving at the host site:
    1. Take accurate attendance and notify the Superintendent’s Office of status.
    2. You may begin releasing students to parent(s) at this time. Use normal release procedures.
    3. Remain at the host site for further instructions.