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Safety & Security

Providing for the safety and security of our students and staff has been and will continue to be a top priority for the Calvert County Public School System. School violence, terrorism and the threat of a pandemic have forever changed our lives and the manner in which we protect our students.

Being prepared to respond to various dangerous and/or threatening situations is a major concern in this environment. Accordingly, every Calvert County public school has identified an “in house” emergency crisis team. These crisis teams assist the school principal in implementing the school’s emergency response plan. These plans are reviewed annually at the central office and routinely rehearsed at the school level. Principals and their staff members are keenly aware of emergency evacuation and/or “shelter-in-place” procedures in the event of a biological and/or nuclear/chemical threat.

The Calvert County Public School System recognizes the need to continuously monitor and review emergency plans and procedures to meet the needs of our school communities in these present and, often emotionally, stressing times. Student Services workers, school psychologists, school nurses, and counselors have provided and will continue to provide support and crisis counseling to our school communities.

Please be assured that the Calvert County Board of Education members care deeply about the safety and well-being of all of our students, staff, and community members and will continue to make safety and security issues a top priority for our school system. Optimum conditions can only be achieved through the collective efforts of all members of our school community.