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Partnerships and Community Engagement

The Calvert County School Foundation provides additional funding opportunities, beyond tax dollars, to unique resources and innovative opportunities for learning  to every child in Calvert County. Through promotion of creativity, critical thinking and engagement in the learning process, we can ensure our children’s success in their future within the school system and beyond.

Partners in Education

The Calvert County Public School System is committed to meeting the educational needs of all of our students and preparing them to meet the challenges of the future. Developing strong partnerships among families, businesses, and community groups will help us accomplish our goals. We need your help!

Calvert County School Foundation

The purpose of this fund is to strive to continue to improve the quality of education provided by Calvert County Public Schools by strengthening creativity, critical thinking and by engaging students and staff in the learning process. We will also recognize employees for their service and contributions to Calvert County Public Schools and to the community. The Calvert County School Foundation will work to ensure that all staff, families, and community businesses and organizations are actively engaged with the district as advocates, allies and partners to increase equity, access, and results for all students.

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Program Contact

Traci Chappelear-Thomas