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Blueprint for Maryland's Future

Blueprint for Maryland's Future


In 2021, the Maryland State Legislature passed the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future legislation (Blueprint) that codified the recommendations of the Maryland Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education (Kirwan Commission). This law aims to:

  • Transform Maryland’s public schools into a world-class system of education by expanding early access to education;
  • Remodel teaching into a high-status profession and incentivize teachers to pursue professional development while maintaining focus on classroom instruction;
  • Enable most students to achieve college and career readiness by the end of 10th grade;
  • Broaden resources to ensure all students are successful, including students with disabilities, students who are English learners, and students living in poverty; and
  • Create an accountability framework to evaluate compliance with the Blueprint’s mandates, determine effectiveness of student learning, and identify areas where the State can support the local school systems as they implement these programs.

The Blueprint will be implemented over the course of the next 10 years. Calvert County Public School System (CCPS) staff have been meeting since November 2021 to plan how the school system will meet these goals in a manner that is programmatically appropriate and fiscally responsible.

While the promise of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future is immense, there are still many logistical hurdles that will need to be navigated. Not least among those is obtaining sufficient funding to both meet the Blueprint’s requirements and provide all students with the quality well-rounded educational opportunities that they and their families have come to expect.

Blueprint Contact

Dr. Joe Sampson

Coordinator, MD Grants & Blueprints

CCPS Implementation Plan


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Did you know there are five pillars of the Blueprint?

Would you like to become more familiar with the policy areas of the Blueprint? Watch these short videos describing each of the five pillars!

Policy Areas


The Blueprint establishes a significant expansion of free full-day prekindergarten to low-income families so that all children have the opportunity to begin kindergarten ready to learn. Prekindergarten will be free for all 3- and 4-year old students whose parents meet income eligibility requirements and will be available on a sliding scale to all other 4-year old students.

In order to support such expansion, the Blueprint will provide funding to both public and community-based early education programs that meet rigorous quality standards. Expansion will be an ongoing process, as it requires adjustments to early education preparation programs, increases to physical and staff capacity, and demonstration of quality and continuous improvement as measured by a quality rating system.