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Student Transfers

Each student in Calvert County Public Schools is expected to attend the school designated for the geographic attendance area in which he/she resides. Parent or legal guardian requested student transfers will be considered if circumstances meet at least one of the provisions outlined below, and if the school being requested is not closed to out-of-district transfers.

  • Course of Study
  • Child Care — Information on Daycares serving more than one elementary school
  • Certain Health-Related Conditions
  • Certain CCPS Employee Circumstances

Requests for student transfers must be made annually, and approved student transfers are valid only for the school year for which they are requested.

CCPS uses ScribOrder to process student transfer requests. A parent or guardian must use ScribOrder to request a student transfer. Directions for setting up an account and requesting a student transfer are located on the ScribOrder website. Requests for student transfers must be submitted by February 15. Requests made after this date may not be considered.

Parents who may be requesting a transfer for a kindergarten student may do so after kindergarten registration. Since all of the kindergarten registration dates are after February 15, they will still be considered provided they meet one of the qualifications.

Contact Information

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