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Non Resident Students

The parent/guardian for any student whose primary residence is outside of Calvert County must submit an application to the Department of Student Services to be considered for enrollment in a Calvert County public school. Applications will only be considered during the set application period each summer.

Enrollment of non-resident students is for one year only. Applications for re-enrollment must be made annually.

Please note the following information:

  • An application does not guarantee that the requested school will have room for tuition paying students.
  • Decisions on non-resident applications are made during the summer, generally after the year’s tuition rate is approved by the Board of Education.
  • Once approval is granted, you will receive additional instructions on completing the tuition contract and how to enroll your student.
  • Transportation is not provided.

If a student residing in Calvert County moves outside of Calvert County during the school year, the parent/guardian must notify the current school and provide proof of the new address. The student can complete the school year as long as the applicable tuition payment is made, but the parent/guardian must submit an application to continue in a Calvert County public school the following year.

Non-resident students must pay tuition based on the rates set each year by the Board of Education in accordance with CCPS Policy and Procedure #3720. Questions about tuition fees can be directed to the Department of Student Services at 443-550-8480.

You can learn more about non-resident enrollment in Policy 3720 and Administrative Procedures 3720.1 and 3720.2.