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Legal Custody and Residency Requirements

Legal Custody

Students are required to attend school in the district where their parent(s) or legal custodian(s) reside. If a student is not residing with his/her parent(s), the person(s) responsible for that student must have legal custody of the student. A legal custody document from court will be required.

For more information, please contact the Student Services Department at 443-550-8460.

Residency Requirements and Registration

House Bill #364 - Education - Public Schools - Domicile requires that children attend public school in the county where the child is domiciled with a parent or legal custodian and makes a child's parent or custodian subject to a certain penalty if a nonresident child fraudulently attends a public school. If a nonresident child fraudulently attends a public school, the parent or custodian becomes liable for a prorated share of the tuition.

At the time of enrollment, parents must produce at least one of the following required documents:

  • Home ownership papers (deed, mortgage coupon within the last three (3) months with parent's/guardian’s/custodian's name and physical address). Settlement papers may be accepted with the approval of the Pupil Personnel Worker. If you own the home you may be able to pull the deed from Maryland Land Records.
  • Incorporated lease (real estate lease).
  • Non-incorporated lease agreement (landlord provides a signed, notarized lease agreement verifying that the parent/guardian/custodian resides at that address) with at least two pieces of supporting documentation (recent utility bill, car or renter’s insurance bill, credit card or banking statement, court document, etc.). Pupil Personnel Workers may request additional documentation of physical address.

ONLY Pupil Personnel Workers may, after an investigation, accept other forms to validate proof of residency.

Any student found to be enrolled fraudulently will be withdrawn immediately and charged tuition for the entire time enrolled. Students whose parents do not reside in Calvert County will not be enrolled tuition-free. Students living with persons other than their natural parents or legal custodian may not attend school without paying tuition. A notarized statement does not satisfy the legal custody requirement to attend school tuition-free. Students may be enrolled as tuition-paying students only when space is available in the school requested.

At the time of registration, parents or legal custodians must provide immunization records, emergency information, residence information, and information from the previous school. The Maryland Transfer Record (SR 7 Card) is required for students transferring within state.

A birth certificate is required for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students entering school for the first time and new enrollees.

Parents must provide a photo ID.

Parents are encouraged to provide custody documents.