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Student Services

The Department of Student Services is a very vital part of the Calvert County Public School System. It is a support service designed to meet the needs of all school age children through a team approach. The primary goal of enhancing the instructional program to better meet the needs of individual students is best achieved when the home, school, and community work closely together.

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The Student Services Department is made up of school counselors, student services workers, school nurses, school psychologists, secretaries/program coordinators, and a school police liaison officer. These professional staff members, with the assistance of teachers, parents, community agencies, and numerous other educational and community leaders, cooperate and coordinate efforts to assist students in their academics, career exploration, health care, attendance, and personal, social, and interpersonal matters.

Each school in the Calvert County School System has a Student Services Team which consists of Student Services staff members and a school administrator. Instructional staff, parents, and outside agencies may attend Student Services Team meetings when needed and as appropriate. This team accepts student referrals and suggestions from parents, teachers, and administrators and decides which services are required to effectively meet students' needs by using different techniques and strategies.

All students will receive guidance services during their school experience. SOME will receive services provided by a school counselor, student services worker, school nurse, and/or school psychologist. A FEW will need alternative programs or other special requirements. In order to determine the individual needs, parents and teachers play a major role in recognizing symptoms of maladjustment, academic deficiencies, health needs, and other problems that may jeopardize a student's opportunity for success. By working closely together, parents, teachers, school counselors, school staff, and other agencies may recognize symptoms of maladjustment, academic deficiencies, health needs, and other problems that may jeopardize the student's opportunity for success. The earlier a child is identified and receives services, the greater the assurances are that worthwhile results will be achieved.


Main number:  443-550-8460
Fax number:  410-286-1913

Director and Supervisors

Cecelia Lewis

Director, Student Services

Christine Knode

Supervisor, Student Services

Suzanne McGowan

Supervisor, Student Services

Larry Titus

Supervisor, Student Services

Molly Wanamaker

Supervisor , Student Services

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