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Recycling is part of CCPS daily operation. We start teaching our second graders with the Help Save the Earth unit! The focus is teaching them how we can protect the Earth through recycling. Students learn which natural resource is used to make various products we use every day! Emphasis is placed on why we should conserve our precious resources and how recycling is doing just that. The unit involves a trip to the Appeal Landfill to learn about what our county residents are throwing away and how almost EVERYTHING can be recycled.

Students take what they learn on the trip and decorate a paper bag that goes back into our local markets to be passed out on Earth Day to our community.

Each school and administrative offices are equipped with recycling bins that are collected and disposed of in our single stream recycling dumpster. Along with our single stream we collect many other items that are recycled. Last year our school system diverted 24% of our waste from the landfill.

Calvert County Recycling Guide