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School Facilities

The School Facilities Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all schools, maintaining the buildings, grounds and equipment to provide for optimum safety and comfort of the occupants.  School Facilities consists of the Maintenance and Operations departments providing the following services:

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Use of Facilities

CCPS encourages the use of public school facilities for community purposes. The first step is to make sure the desired school is available on the date needed by checking with the principal of that school. Next, the organization needs to complete an application for use of the facility and submit it to the school. Applications must be submitted in triplicate on yellow paper to the principal of the school at least four weeks prior to the date of the intended use.  In addition to the application, a deposit and proof of insurance is required. Detailed procedures on Use of Facilities can be accessed below:


Gregory Gott

Director, School Facilities

Beatrice Weems

Supervisor, Operations

Scott Long

Supervisor, Maintenance

Kenneth Bowen

Painter, Foreman

Steven Brooks

Building Services Foreman

Jerry Dalrymple

Electrician, Foreman

Tiffany Heamstead

Work Order Technician

Mary Lehew


Caitlin Lilly


Eddie Richardson

Grounds/Auto Foreman

Gary Ward

Carpenter, Foreman