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Social Studies

Curriculum Philosophy

CCPS social studies curricula offers an integrated program of study combining significant historical study with essential thinking and literacy skills and process. Aligned with the Maryland College and Career Standards, National College, Career and Civic Life Framework and enduring social studies themes, this curriculum is designed to promote civic competence and help young people make informed and reasoned decisions as member of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world.

Instructional Expectation

As a result of well-informed and carefully planned instruction, CCPS social studies students will be given the impetus to evaluate and synthesize course content in order to develop democratic dispositions and enduring understandings related to humanities development and interconnectedness with one another and the environments in which they live. Students will engage in close reading of primary and secondary sources, including document analysis. They will write to argue and to inform. They will also conduct research and learn effective speaking and listen skills.

Contact Information

Scott McComb

Supervisor, Social Studies

Fax: 410-286-1367



Coming Soon:

  • Elective Course Offerings
  • Criminal Justice Career Pathway