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21st Century students need to have an in-depth understanding of how the world works, including all of the interwoven, interconnected pieces that make it up. They also need to apply advanced, systematic problem solving skills to real world problems in a collaborative manner in hopes of devising plausible solutions. Calvert County science teachers create lessons that are designed to be highly engaging and enriched with technology to make each students' experience more meaningful.

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In 2017-18, Maryland fully implemented theĀ Next Generation Science Standards. These Standards will represent a shift in science instruction, where students will delve deeper into concepts through a three-dimensional approach. This three-dimensional approach to science instruction will involve the basic science concepts, along with the science and engineering practices and cross-cutting concepts that span multiple science contents.

Contact Information


Janel McPhillips

Supervisor , Elementary Science, Service Learning, CHESPAX, Environmental Science


Dr. Yovonda Kolo

Supervisor , Middle & High School Science, PLTW, Tech Ed, Computer Science, Science EXPO