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Independent Project Guidelines

Students may choose a Student Service Learning project that is not offered through an infusion course. In order to complete an independent project, students must:

  • Choose a project: The agency must be on the CCPS Service Learning Community Partners pre-approved list and provide preparation and reflection activities. Pre-approval will be based upon meeting the Seven Best Practices of Service Learning. Student Service Learning Coordinators or Guidance Counselors may assist with identifying appropriate preparation and reflection activities.
  • Determine a curricular connection: What is something you have learned in school that can help the organization? What research and writing could you do to help the organization? What can you bring from your education to support the organization?
  • Get approval: Students are to complete a Student Service Learning Pre-Approval Form and Project Description Form. These forms are also available at the schools. These forms will ensure that the project will count toward student service-learning hours. A high school student will return the completed forms to the student service-learning coordinator who signs it and keeps the form on file. An elementary or middle school student will give the forms to their guidance counselor. The student will then be given a Verification of Hours Form and a Reflection Form.
  • Provide a service: Some service projects are short term while others are long term. Whichever type is chosen, there must be adult supervision at the site. The adult supervisor signs off on the hours earned at each visit. A diary/journal is suggested to be kept throughout the experience for reflection purposes.
  • Reflect on service: Students complete the reflection activities, such as a diary/journal, pictures, scrapbook, etc.
  • Tracking hours: When the Verification of Hours and Reflections Forms are brought to the student service-learning coordinator or guidance counselor, they will be filed and hours will be recorded.
  • A maximum of eight service-learning hours may be earned within a twenty-four hour period.
  • Students may not earn student service-learning hours for any house-to-house distribution or solicitation project.
  • All service must be performed in a public place, under appropriate supervision.
  • Students will receive one service-learning hour for every hour of service completed.

In order for an activity to be a service, it must:

  • Be voluntary, not paid
  • Be for a cause that benefits the school or community in the areas of health, education, environment and/or public safety
  • Be monitored by a responsible adult representing a non-profit agency/organization who will verify the type of activity performed and the number of hours worked

Types of activities which would NOT be acceptable:

  • Working for free for family members, neighbors
  • Doing chores around the house
  • Raising money for an activity from which the student will benefit
  • Volunteering