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Grade Level Projects

Calvert County Public School students may fulfill the Student Service Learning (SSL) graduation requirement through a variety of ways listed below.

Embedded in Curriculum Courses

  • Student Service Learning hours are awarded to students who successfully complete the Student Service Learning projects in grades 1 – 9.
  • The program starts in first grade. By the end of seventh grade, students will have completed their 75-hour graduation requirement. The elementary and middle school Student Service Learning Projects are infused in science and social studies.
  • Student Service Learning hours may be earned in any class where the classroom teacher oversees SSL projects that are linked to course objectives.
  • Student Service Learning hours earned through coursework must meet Maryland's Seven Best Practices.
  • Student Service Learning hours may be earned through a pre-approved independent student project that meets Maryland's Seven Best Practices.

All grade level projects were developed under content supervisor direction with input from selected teacher teams and community partner organizations.

Grade Project Name Subject Student Service
Learning Hours
First Helping Pollinators Science 5
Second Recycling Advocacy Science 5
Third Terrapin Restoration Science 8
Fourth Historic Preservation Social Studies 7
Fifth Oyster Preservation Science 10
Sixth Historic Preservation Social Studies 15
Seventh Bay Grasses in the Classroom Science 15
Eighth Environmental Data
Bank Project
Science 15
Ninth Site-based Environmental Literacy Project Biology 5
High School
Transfer Students
Independent Study TBD Based on
Independent Projects