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The prekindergarten program was developed in 1979 by the Maryland State Department of Education to meet the needs of low-income students who may not have the necessary readiness skills to be successful in school. The program provides appropriate experiences that address the needs of young children in the areas of language and literacy, mathematics, social foundations, science, social studies, fine arts, and physical well-being and motor development.

Philosophy Statement

Young children engage in a community of learning through active exploration in a playful environment. Hands-on experiences are used to develop oral language, co-regulation, early learning skills, and meaningful relationships with others. Developmentally appropriate learning opportunities are planned to encourage curiosity, exploration, communication, and problem-solving in an inclusive atmosphere of care and respect for each child.

Program Contact

Andrea Jones

Specialist, Pre-Kindergarten Program


Quick Facts

All applicants must be residents of Calvert County. Acceptance into a Prekindergarten program is determined by age, income, and school eligibility. Programs follow the start and end times of the school.

Please note that this information is based on the current school year and is subject to change.

Program Age Eligibility Income Eligibility Locations Transportation
4 years old on or before September 1 At 300% or below the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) Classroom-Based at all Elementary Schools Provided if attending at a Zoned School
Head Start 3 or 4 years old on or before September 1 At 130% or below the FPL

Home Visiting:

  • 3-year-olds


  • 3-year-olds attending Sunderland Elementary or Patuxent Appeal Elementary
  • 4-year-olds attending Barstow Elementary, Sunderland Elementary, Patuxent Appeal Elementary, or Windy Hill Elementary
Provided if attending at a Zoned School
Private Providers 4 years old on or before September 1 At 300% or below the FPL

Childcare Centers:

  • Bright Beginnings Children's Center, Owings MD
Not Provided

Required Documents for Application Processing

Please note that applications are processed in the order they are received. You will be contacted with a status update via email once processed. Due to the volume of applications received, this may take several weeks. Applications cannot be processed without all required documents. The application will be held in pending status until all requested documents are received. Additional documentation will be required for school registration if the applicant is accepted.