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Head Start

Head Start

Head Start promotes the school readiness of young children from low-income families through agencies in their local community. The Head Start program is authorized by the Improving Head Start for School Readiness Act of 2007. If you have questions about available services, contact the Head Start Office at 443-550-8062.

Head Start Online Application

Head Start Programs

  • Barstow Elementary School
  • Huntingtown Elementary School
  • Patuxent-Appeal Campus
  • Sunderland Elementary School
  • Head Start HIPPY 3 year olds


Head Start was appropriated $8,598,095,000 for FY2014. $7,782,420,000 was awarded directly to public agencies, private nonprofit and for-profit organizations, tribal governments, and school systems to operate Head Start programs in local communities. $203,322,000 was directed to T/TA to improve the quality of services provided by grantees. Half that amount was awarded directly to grantees to be used for local T/TA, and the other half funded the national system. More details around OHS funding can be found in the Fact Sheet.