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Schoology Learning Management System


Schoology is Calvert County Public Schools secure online Learning Management System (LMS) used to support course management, virtual learning, communication, and collaboration in grades PK through 12. The Schoology platform enables students, parents, and teachers to engage with learning materials in a safe, secure, single sign-on environment.

Accessing your Schoology Parent Account

Schoology accounts are created for parents who have an email address in Home Access Center (HAC). When you select Parent Login, you will be directed to Here you will enter your HAC email address and the password you set up when you first activated your Schoology account. If you do not remember your Schoology password, you can select Forgot your password. You will be prompted to enter your email address that is associated with HAC. Schoology will email you the information you need to log in. Once you have received this email, select the link to log in to Schoology. You can start to use the Schoology Mobile App once you have changed your password in the setting of your Schoology account.

Parent Email Notifications

Are you looking for a way to keep track of your child’s completed work within Schoology? At this time, parents may elect to turn on two different email notifications within the Schoology platform: Parent Email Digest and Overdue Submissions Notification.

The Parent Email Digest will provide you with a brief summary of your child’s activities and you can opt to receive it on a daily or weekly basis.

The Overdue Submissions Notification sends you an email anytime your child misses a submission due date for a single assignment that can still be submitted for credit.

To turn on either of these notifications, please follow the steps outlined in the Parent Email Notifications instructions.

What to expect in Schoology

Home Access Center (HAC) is the official grading system for Calvert County Public Schools. Refer to HAC for the most accurate grades.


If a teacher uses the Schoology gradebook, parents can expect the following:

  • Access to digital assignment submissions in Schoology directly through the gradebook.
    • Note: Student documents are not viewable to parents because access/permissions are restricted to students and teachers.
  • Individual assignment and grades will be visible in Schoology; however, attendance, interim, quarter, and overall final grades will appear in Home Access Center (HAC) as the CCPS official grading system.


If a teacher uses Schoology as an instructional tool, parents can expect to view:

  • Your child’s activity in the course, including but not limited to:
    • Upcoming assignments or events posted in your child’s calendar
    • Submitted and missing assignments
    • Posts (text and media) your child created


If a teacher uses Schoology as a communication tool, parents can expect the following:

  • Classroom communication such as announcements about assignments and classroom updates.
  • Upcoming assignments and events for a course directly added to the student homepage and calendar.

What to remember as you engage with Schoology:

  • Though parents will see all the child’s courses in Schoology, some course materials will vary by teacher.

Schoology Help

If you need assistance with the Schoology platform, first contact your child’s teacher directly. If they are not able to resolve the issue, submit a request online.

Schoology Privacy Terms

CCPS values parent participation in their child’s education, and we encourage you to read Schoology’s Privacy Policy & Terms of Use. Schoology helps CCPS promote a safe and secure online student learning environment.