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CCPS Online

Calvert County Public Schools (CCPS) offers online learning opportunities as alternatives for gaining original credit or recovering credit. Only students enrolled in a CCPS high school may participate in the CCPS Online Learning Program. Students have two options for participating in online courses, courses offered through CCPS for original or credit recovery and courses offered through Apex Learning Virtual School (ALVS), a Maryland approved vendor for credit recovery only.

Contact Information

Sheila Gearhart

Technology Integration

Basic Steps for Online Fall/Spring School Registration

  1. Take the Online Learning Interest Survey. After completing the survey, students will be emailed information on the registration process. Students who have PREVIOUSLY taken an online course interested in enrolling in an additional online course(s) are required to take the Online Learning Interest Survey. Please note, completion of the Online Learning Interest Survey does not ensure you will be enrolled in a course. Online courses run based on interest, enrollments, and MSDE approval. Spots in online courses are limited, and priority will be given to upperclassmen.

  2. Complete the Online Orientation Course in Schoology (Optional)

    In this course, you will complete a shortlist of activities similar to those found in most online courses. This is a self-paced course students complete independently. Students who have previously completed the Online Orientation course are not required to retake the course.

    You will be added as a member to this course. However, if you find you are not already a member, log in to Schoology to access the CCPS Online Orientation course (access code 3NVV-83VD-DTG3M). If you choose to complete the optional orientation course, it should take approximately 1-2 hours to complete. Schoology will track your progress.

  3. Confirmation Email from the Online Course Coordinator

    You will receive a confirmation email from the Online Course Coordinator letting you know you have been officially enrolled in the course you requested. Copies of any emails will also be sent to parents/guardians and your school counselor. The online course will appear on your schedule in HAC (Home Access Center). Before the course starts you will receive emails with information about your teacher, accessing the online platform, and a schedule of tentative dates if face-to-face meetings are required.

Tentative Online Courses Fall/Spring 2023-2024

Course offerings are subject to change based on MSDE approval and student requests in May.

AP Offerings (Full Year - 1 Credit)

  • AP Calculus I – 3409o
  • AP English Lit & Comp – 1409o
  • AP English Lang & Comp – 1309o
  • AP Psychology – 2549o
  • AP Statistics – 3429o

Full Year (Full Year - 1 Credit)

  • Foundations of Computer Science – 3505o
  • Foundations of Tech – 8000o
  • Music Appreciation – 6370o (Seniors Only)

Semester (Fall/Spring - .5 Credit)

  • Health I – 7010so
  • Financial Literacy – 5230so (Grades 10-12)

Students scheduled for more than seven credits within a given school year will be charged a fee of $325 for a one credit online course and $225 for a half credit online course (this includes a $25 non-refundable fee). A bill will be sent out by early October for all courses that take place during the regular school year. It will include instructions on making a payment. Full payment is due by the end of November.

Course descriptions, pre-requisites, and grade level restrictions are fully outlined in the High School Educational Planning Guide, available from your school counselor.

Please visit Summer School for more information and requirements for taking online summer courses.