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Digital Learning

Developing Future Ready Learners

Future Ready Plan

The purpose of the 2017–2020 Future Ready Plan is to provide a vision for the use of digital tools and resources to move toward personalized learning and to develop Future Ready learners. The Future Ready plan articulates goals and objectives necessary to support a transformed digital learning environment and advance our District’s Strategic Plan. The plan goes beyond infrastructure and devices to supporting the conditions necessary for successful integration of digital tools and resources within the teaching and learning process.

Future Ready Plan Information

Data Security and Privacy

Data privacy and security are foundational elements of digital learning. Through our commitment to keeping students safe online, Calvert County Public Schools maintains a working list of digital tools vetted by the departments of technology, instruction, special education and digital learning.

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Digital Tools

Online Student Learning

Calvert County Public Schools values the leverage online learning brings to individualizing student learning opportunities. Online courses offer CCPS high school students flexibility regarding where and when classwork can be completed. Taking online courses provides students the opportunity to collaborate with other students across the county and have access to unique courses that might not be available at their home school. Online opportunities are available for original credit and credit recovery. Each student enrolled in an online course will be assigned a mentor to help monitor course progress.

CCPS Online


Schoology is Calvert County Public School’s secure online learning environment that enhances the learning experience for students. The platform provides a virtual space for collaboration, communication, and organization. Teachers use Schoology to post discussion questions, assignments, homework, files, links, and other materials. Students are able to access all class information, take quizzes and tests, upload files, participate in class discussions, stay organized with a school calendar, download and print files from home, and much more. Parents are able to observe their child’s assignments and calendars. Utilizing Schoology enables all users the ability to engage with learning materials in a safe, secure, single sign-on environment.