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Advanced Learning Program

Gifted & Talented

The Calvert County Public Schools Advanced Learning Program provides enrichment opportunities for all students and extends learning for students who are identified as having advanced academic ability.

Elementary Advanced Learning Program Information

Primary Talent Development Grades Pre-K–2

Advanced Learner Curriculum Extension Program Grades 4–5

The district is committed to the fundamental principles of equity and excellence in identifying and serving our Gifted and Advanced learners. To ensure continuing education for our identified Gifted and Advanced learners, we have assembled a list of recommended resources (see right pane) to support independent investigations and project-based learning. Each of the website resources provide opportunities for students to explore the following exploratory questions:

  • Which of the following websites spark your curiosity and interest?
  • If you are visiting the locations presented in the website, what questions would you ask a guide if you were on a tour?
  • How would you express your reactions to the websites in written format?
  • How would you visually communicate what you have learned from the website?
  • How could you use the website materials and resources to enhance your understanding of the content presented?

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Program Contact

Crystal Ricks

Supervisor, Advanced Learning

Fax:  410-286-1367

Additional Information

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