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What is a SMARTBoard?

A SMARTBoard is a brand of Interactive White Board (IWB) that is becoming more of a presence in CCPS classrooms. IWBs provide opportunities for students to become actively engaged in all types of lessons and they provide teachers with a tool to motivate students to participate.

An IWB is really three pieces of equipment linked together:

  • A computer
  • A data projector
  • A touch-sensitive screen — the interactive whiteboard

This combination of technologies turns the IWB into a very large and interactive computer screen. With a pointer, or even a finger, the user can write on the board or control computer programs. It is ideal for whole-class teaching as it removes the need to have large groups huddled around a single computer screen and it allows for students to fully participate in the classroom instruction using available technology. In addition, features of the SMARTBoard allow highlighting, editing, and even assessment to occur while using this technology.

While there are a variety of IWBs available on the market, CCPS has selected SMARTBoards as the technology of choice for our teachers and students. The ease of use, extensive resource availability, and training support are factors that have led us to install SMART Boards in all our instructional classrooms.

SMARTBoard Resources