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Donation Program

Calvert County Public Schools can accept all computer related equipment donated by individuals, companies, or institutions for evaluation and reuse within our schools. Computers donated to the school system must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. i7 Processor (Equivalent or Better)
  2. 16GB Memory

Donated computers are bestowed to the school system as a whole, not one individual school. It is the responsibility of Information Technology to determine which schools are in the most need at the time of the donation. While CCPS would prefer a minimum amount of computers to be donated, we will accept any and all donations.

Please take note that if the donated computer does not meet any of the above minimum requirements, the Calvert County Division of Solid Waste has their own eCycling program.

If you would like to donate computer equipment to Calvert County Public Schools, please fill out the form below.

Equipment Donation Form


First Name
Last Name
Enter Email Address
Description of equipment to be donated (please include technical specifications if available).