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Information Technology


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Ongoing Help Desk support via email at or via phone at 443-550-8146.

Matthew Poteet

Director, Information Technology

Sabrina Bergen

Supervisor, Application Technologies

Richard Lippert

Supervisor , Network Technologies

Joel Parmer

Supervisor, Support Technologies

Tamara Horsemen

Help Desk Specialist

Thomas Moran

Network Security Engineer

Adam Will

Application Specialist / Project Manager

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CCPS Information Technology. Inspire. Empower. Achieve.


To inspire and empower all students and staff with technology, unlocking their full potential to achieve their goals and dreams.


To provide a secure, reliable, and integrated technology environment that:

  • Ensures the goals of CCPS’ Strategic Plan are realized.
  • Enhances teaching and learning.
  • Advances equity.
  • Is accessible and easy to use.
  • Enables staff to provide exceptional services and support.
  • Engages the entire CCPS community.
  • Maximizes return on investment.
  • Promotes digital citizenship.
  • Embodies our core values.

Core Values & Guiding Principles

  • Communication & Collaboration – We believe that communication and collaboration are critical to achieving our goals. Individually and collectively, we ask questions, listen to our stakeholders, and provide timely solutions and support.
  • Digital Citizenship – We believe in the importance of responsible, ethical, and secure uses of technology by students and staff to safeguard against technological dangers and to effectively use digital tools to interact positively with the world.
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion – We are dedicated to elevating access and opportunity for all.  We value each person with whom we interact and take initiative to grow interpersonal relationships.
  • Efficiency – While we value hard work, we believe in working smarter. We hire and retain capable, highly trained individuals who seek creative technological solutions that maximize efficiency for all the departments and schools we support.
  • Ethics & Integrity – We believe in moral principles that govern how technologies should be used, especially in the areas of accountability, digital citizenship, privacy, data protection, and safe online behaviors. We uphold strong ethical standards and earn the trust of others by providing honest, practical, and reliable service in a friendly, supportive, and respectful manner.
  • Growth Mindset – We embrace challenges, persist through obstacles, learn from criticism, and are deeply inspired by the success of those we work with and for. We believe that our skills can be improved with effort and persistence and that we can only be successful by acknowledging our areas of growth and focusing on process refinement.
  • Innovation – We invest in technology to optimize efficiency, integrate processes, and increase flexibility to support our vision and CCPS’ Strategic Goals.  We are constantly adapting to the changing needs of our community.
  • Professionalism – We embody professionalism by being productive, taking ownership, holding ourselves accountable, being critical thinkers and problem-solvers, communicating effectively, developing self-awareness, and building relationships. These traits allow us to be more thoughtful, driven, and motivated when devising strategic plans and making decisions.  We accept responsibility for our actions, taking pride in our accomplishments and acknowledging our mistakes.
  • Safety & Security – We value the safety and security of the technology resources and information entrusted to our care, and we are vigilant in maintaining their integrity.
  • Service & Responsiveness – We are committed to providing responsive and quality service in all aspects of our work by communicating clearly and consistently, developing procedures that increase efficiency, and gathering feedback from our stakeholders so that we may reflect and improve.