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Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology (DIT) provides system-wide direction and support for information technology and oversight of the Maryland assessment and accountability program. The Department is responsible for supporting the technology to meet the operational needs of the system. Responsibility for the administration of the Maryland assessment program is within the purview of the Local Accountability Coordinator.

Areas of Service Include

  • Maintenance of security and data backups for all critical databases and software applications.
  • Installation, maintenance, and repair of computer and network equipment.
  • Installation and support of approved software.
  • Continued support of connectivity for the computer-related infrastructure across the school system.
  • Continued support of major staff-based technology-related systems, including the student information system, gradebook, software for the Human Resources and Finance Departments, email, file management, and school announcement software.
  • Collaboration with the Departments of Instruction and Special Education to enhance and support the use of instructional technology.
  • Continued development and expansion of a wireless infrastructure to allow efficient management of wireless access across the school system.
  • Continued support in Future Ready initiatives including online classroom, collaboration and one to one initiatives across the school system.
  • Oversight of the administration, data collection and security procedures for state and national assessments.
  • Communication between the school system and various State and national agencies involved in assessment and accountability.
  • Continued support for Calvert County Public Schools to meet the compliance requirements of Federal and State accountability programs.
  • Ongoing Help Desk support via email at or via phone at 443-550-8146.

Department of Information Technology Directory

Matthew Poteet

Titles: Director, Information Technology
Phone Numbers:
Work: 443-550-8100

Sabrina Bergen

Titles: Supervisor, Application Technologies
Phone Numbers:
Work: 443-550-8103

Richard Lippert

Titles: Supervisor , Network Technologies
Phone Numbers:
Work: 443-550-8100

Joel Parmer

Titles: Supervisor, Support Technologies
Phone Numbers:
Work: 443-550-8135

Tamara Horsemen

Titles: Help Desk Specialist
Phone Numbers:
Work: 443-550-8100

Thomas Moran

Titles: Network Security Engineer
Phone Numbers:
Work: 443-550-8100

Adam Will

Titles: Application Specialist / Project Manager
Phone Numbers:
Work: 443-550-8134

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