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Educational Support Staff Employment

Support staff include all clerical, instructional assistant, child nutrition, maintenance, building service, and transportation positions, as well as those who are not management positions.

Applicants for support positions are invited and encouraged to submit applications for support positions at any time. When a vacancy for positions such as food service worker, building services worker, secretary, instructional assistant, electrician, or other maintenance workers occurs, principals review requests for transfer and promotion of current employees and review completed files of applicants. Interviews are then scheduled for current employees and selected candidates.

Generally, there are a great many applications on file for food service workers, instructional assistants, secretaries, and building service workers. Positions are seldom vacant for more than a week and it is usually difficult for an applicant to complete an application and have references forwarded during the eight calendar day period set by the Negotiated Agreement for support staff. It is best to have an application on file in anticipation of vacancies. To begin an application, apply online via the applicant tracking system.

Secretarial Testing

Secretarial testing is offered virtually. To qualify for secretarial testing, applicants must have a completed online application that includes three work-related reference surveys. An applicant will be given their test scores via email within 1-2 business days.

The test will include:

  • Typing Speed & Accuracy
    (Adjusted words per minute score, 5 errors or less)
  • Spelling & Grammar
  • Math

If at the time of an interview, a department feels it has a need for further specified testing, that department has the right to administer its own testing in addition to the basic Human Resources Department's testing.

For more information on how to complete secretarial testing, please email and/or call the secretarial testing contact below.

Nykisha Pumphrey