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Budget Development Process

Budget development begins in October with distribution of budget planning documents to school-based and departmental administrators.

Directors and principals submit their completed budget planning documents to the Finance Department in November.

The superintendent presents a balanced budget in the form of The Superintendent’s Proposed Operating Budget at a public hearing in January. At that time, the superintendent submits his proposed operating budget to the Board of Education (the Board).

The proposed budget is made available to the public for review. The public is given the opportunity to submit written comments to the Board.

The Board of Education reviews the proposed budget submitted by the superintendent. The Board may request changes to the proposed budget or recommend the budget as it was presented to them. The Board votes on the proposed budget and it becomes The Board of Education’s Proposed Operating Budget in March.

The Board’s proposed budget is submitted to the Board of County Commissioners no later than April 1.

The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) reviews the proposed budget submitted by the Board of Education. The BOCC may request changes to the Board’s proposed budget or approve the proposed budget as it was presented to them. The BOCC approves the Board’s proposed budget in June.

The Board of Education votes to adopt the final budget in June after approval by the BOCC.

Proposed Operating Budget

Budget Development Schedule

Adopted Operating Budgets