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Insufficient Meal Funds

Child Nutrition

Procedures Regarding Insufficient Meal Funds

What happens if my student arrives at school without food or money to purchase a meal?

(Excerpt from Administrative Procedure 4305.1 Regarding the Child Nutrition Program)

We appreciate having the opportunity to serve your students. To help us serve them efficiently, Parents/Guardians are expected to ensure meal account funds are kept current. To assist parents/guardians with monitoring student account purchases and balances, they are strongly encouraged to register online at LINQ Connect. This site also has a low balance notification service (free), allows parents/guardians to set spending limits (free), and provides the ability for one-time or automated meal account payment options (fee applies).


  • CCPS strives to provide nutritionally balanced meals to students daily, even if they occasionally run out of money on their account or forget to bring money to purchase a meal. As a courtesy, students who have insufficient funds on their account will be allowed to borrow for the regularly scheduled meal as listed on the menu. There will be no borrowing for à la carte/snack purchases.

  • When borrowing occurs, the primary contact on file for the student will be notified via an automated email message. Messages will be sent via the Cafeteria meal management system and will include information about the amount borrowed as well as a reminder that the parent/guardian is responsible for repaying the amount owed as soon as possible. The amount owed is to be repaid directly to the cafeteria and may be done via check, cash, or by depositing funds online at LINQ Connect.

  • Students may always purchase a meal with "cash in hand" regardless of the amount owed.

  • As a courtesy, students will be notified by the cashier when their account balance drops below $5.00. Parents/guardians may also set up their own low balance notifications online at LINQ Connect

  • Households are encouraged to submit a meal benefit application each year to see if they qualify for free or reduced-price meal benefits. Both free and reduced-price meal benefits provide meals at no cost to families. Meal benefit applications are welcome anytime throughout the year.

  • If occurrences become excessive and the debt remains unpaid, school administration in conjunction with the Student Services Department, will work with the family or local agency regarding follow-up.

  • School administration or designee will work with parent/guardian to reclaim unpaid debt by the end of the school year.

  • Information regarding the CCPS Insufficient Meal Funds will be provided in writing to households upon request (443-550-8680) and is available on the Child Nutrition department section of the Calvert County Public Schools website.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.