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Child Nutrition

Child Nutrition

Calvert County Public Schools participates in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs and offers nutritious meals every school day. Both breakfast and lunch service are available at all school locations. School meals offer a variety of food choices and meet nutrition standards established by the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act and the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Free and/or Reduced Price Meal Eligibility (FARMs)

Some students may qualify for free or reduced-price meals. Eligibility is typically determined by household size and income. Household Meal Benefit Applications are sent home with each student at the beginning of the school year and are available on the school system website. Parents need only submit one application per household if they believe their children qualify for free or reduced-price meals.

Please feel free to submit a Free and Reduced Meal Benefit Application any time during the year!

Special Dietary Needs

If your student has a life-threatening food allergy or other disability affected by diet, please have a copy of the Dietary Modification Form completed by a licensed physician and return it promptly to your school's nurse. This form can also be obtained from the school nurse. Thank You!

Student Meal Accounts

Each school cafeteria has a computerized debit system which allows parents to deposit money on their child’s very own cafeteria account. Students enter their assigned pin number at the cashier’s station where meals and à la carte purchases are then subtracted from the student’s account. Cash is always accepted, although parents may also make deposits online utilizing the MySchoolBucks website. MySchoolBucks is an online payment service that provides parents & guardians the ability to securely pay for meals, monitor student cafeteria purchases and receive email notifications for low account balances. This site is free to use, however, please note that there is a fee assessed when using this service to deposit funds into an account.

Student Meal Account Refund Request

Meal Pricing

Meal prices are as follows: Breakfast $1.65; Reduced-Price Breakfast $0.30; Elementary Lunch $2.65; Secondary Lunch $2.80; Reduced-Price Lunch $0.40; Student Milk $0.55. Menus, nutrition information, meal prices, and à la carte prices are also available on the Nutrislice website.

Healthy Fundraising

Schools help promote a healthy learning environment by using non-food fundraising alternatives. An environment that provides a consistent message to children in support of healthy living will have lifelong impact. Candy, baked goods, soda and other foods with little nutritional value could be replaced with non-food fundraisers. Schools can make easy money selling these types of foods, but students pay the price. Learn more about alternatives to non-healthy fundraising, including healthy fundraising ideas!

Contact Us

If you need help completing a Household Meal Benefit Application, have a question about a menu item, or have any other questions regarding the school meal program, please contact the Child Nutrition Program office at 443-550-8680.

Child Nutrition Directory

Donald Knode

Supervisor, Child Nutrition

Valarie Parmer

Diet And Nutrition Specialist

Kendra Bowen

Daily Operations Manager

Jennifer Roush


Victoria Siciliano


Cynthia Sullivan

Financial Analyst