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The Board of Education of Calvert County recognizes the importance, value and positive role that interscholastic athletics plays in the educational system. The goals for students who participate in the interscholastic athletic program include:

  • Learning Sport Skills
  • Improving Physical Fitness
  • Developing Good Health Habits
  • Learning Appropriate Behavior when Working with Others
  • Learning to Cooperate in a Competitive Context
  • Learning to Understand and Control Emotions
  • Developing a Feeling of Self-Worth

Interscholastic athletics provides an opportunity for the entire student body to develop and demonstrate school spirit and positive citizenship skills.

Interscholastic participation is secondary to the student’s academic responsibilities. Practices and games are scheduled to avoid conflict with the academic class schedule. Student athletes must learn to balance the demands of competitive athletics with the rigorous academic schedule that all secondary students must carry.

In addition to athletic skill development and knowledge of the games and strategies interscholastic athletics provides rewarding experiences that will:

  • Teach Sound Sportsmanship Practices and Fair Play
  • Help Students Establish Goals and Achieve Them
  • Promote The Importance of Teamwork and Unity
  • Build Self-Discipline
  • Instill Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Interscholastic athletics is a privilege that carries with it responsibilities to your school, your team, your community and yourself. Student athletes will conduct themselves in accordance with all the policies, rules and regulations of the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletics Association, the Southern Maryland Athletic Conference (SMAC) and Calvert County Public Schools as a requisite for participation in any interscholastic program.

The goal of the Calvert County Public School Interscholastic Athletic program is to foster excellence through educational and competitive experiences in an atmosphere of sportsmanship.

The health and well being of our student athletes is our primary concern and is more important than the outcome of any contest. We believe that winning and losing are important only if considered in the context of how students represent themselves and their schools and how the game is played. We expect each of our student athletes to conduct themselves with dignity and decorum and embody the character of their school and community.


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Kevin Hook

Director, Transportation and Athletics

Cynthia Gerlach