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Student Member to the Calvert County Board of Education (SMOB)

The position of Student Member to the Calvert County Board of Education (SMOB) is established by the Annotated Code of Maryland. Officially, the student is a non-voting member of the Board; however, the student may cast a symbolic vote on all matters coming before the Board.

The student member must be a high school junior or senior in one of the Calvert County public high schools. The student member’s term runs from June 1 through the following May 31. Further details about the requirements for service and the selection process can be found in the Calvert County Public Schools Procedure 1200.1 Regarding the Student Member to the Board of Education.

One of the primary responsibilities of the student member is to facilitate the flow of information between the Board of Education and students. The student member is expected to share appropriate information from the Board with students using a variety of communication methods. The student should also elicit a variety of student viewpoints on issues before the Board.

Grace Minakowski

Grace Minakowski

Student Member of the Board