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Policies for Review

Policies will be placed on the website for review and public comment for approximately four weeks prior to approval. Those individuals providing comments must include their name and contact information. Please note that the comments are public and may be shared at a Board meeting. Your name and comments will be published with the Board meeting minutes. Your email address and phone number will not be published. The Board will review comments and then either approve the policies or request revisions.

The Board of Education will review for approval the following policies at the June 15 Board of Education meeting:

1012 – Policy and Policy Development

1520 – Communicable Disease

1525 – Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control

2305 – Selection and Purchase of Library Materials

2315 – Curriculum Development and Revision

3170 – Dress

3720 – Enrollment of Residents and Non-Residents in and the Setting of Tuition Rates for CCPS

3800 – Blood Donation Drives in CCPS