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Keeping it Green

Posted: Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Calvert County Public Schools remains the only system within the state to have 100% of its schools certified as Maryland Green Schools. 

To maintain their certification, schools must clearly demonstrate how, over the past four years, they have continued efforts in natural resource conservation, professional development, classroom integration of environmental issue instruction, and the establishment of school-community partnerships to enhance environmental learning.  These accomplishments are summarized in a portfolio that is organized by a cadre of school staff, students, and community members and submitted to the Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education for review.

On June 1, nine CCPS schools recertified as Maryland Green Schools at a recognition ceremony at Sandy Point State Park.  The high level of re-certifications underscores the on-going commitment of our school community toward a healthier environment and a cleaner Chesapeake Bay.

To learn more about the school systemís Green School efforts please visit the following links:

CCPS Green School recertification portfolios

CCPS Green Schools website

Questions?  Contact CHESPAX, daubonm@calvernet.k12.md.us