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Joint Press Release from the Calvert County BOE and CAESS

Posted: Wednesday, December 7, 2011


December 6, 2011 

The Calvert County Board of Education and the Calvert Association of Educational Support Staff (CAESS) are pleased to announce that on Monday, December 5, 2011, the two negotiating teams reached a tentative agreement on the remaining articles in the support staff employment contract.  While the current contract remains in effect through June 30, 2013, compensation and salary were negotiable for fiscal year 2012.  In addition, each party had the opportunity to reopen up to two (2) other articles during negotiations.  Negotiations started in the spring of 2011.

On December 5, the teams reached agreement on the following items:

  • Employees with ten (10) or more years of experience earned in Calvert County Public Schools shall be allowed to convert one day of sick leave, per school year, to be used as personal leave when all personal leave has been exhausted.

  • If additional operating funds become available to the school system in excess of that necessary to support programs and services deemed by the Superintendent as essential to the operation of the system, negotiations will commence within twenty (20) days, following the appropriate approval process, to provide additional salary and/or compensation to employees for the Fiscal Year 2012 school year.

  • The parties will establish a study committee to review the job responsibilities and compensation for school nurses.  Within 60 days of the initial meeting, the study committee will provide written recommendations to the Superintendent for implementation.

  • Support employees will receive approved professional leave to attend the Maryland State Education Association fall conference, provided they submit proof of conference attendance to their immediate supervisors upon return.

  • Employees will receive no cost of living or longevity (step) increases for this school year.


Previously, the negotiation teams reached agreement on:

  • A new date for the completion of an employee’s evaluation conference; and

  • New language about Building Service Workers’ and Assistant Building Services Workers’ work hours on days when schools are closed early due to inclement weather.


 Both the support employees and the Board of Education must now ratify the contract addendum



Media Contacts:

Joseph Sella
Uniserv Director
Calvert Association of Educational Support Staff

Robin Welsh
Deputy Superintendent,
Calvert County Public Schools