School Health Program Information

Kim Roof, Director of Student Services
Donna Nichols, Supervisor of Student Services - School Health
Phone: 410-535-7232
Fax: 410-535-7241


The School Health Program provides services for students that promote optimum health for academic success. The program promotes the health and safety of students through identification, assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of the health needs of the school community. Program emphasis is directed toward prevention of disease and promotion of health using health services, health counseling, and health education.  The School Nurse brochure is available by clicking here.



School Nurses

Chris Knode, RN

 Nurse Specialist


Jennifer Lawley, RN  Nurse Specialist



Nurse School Contact Info
Maria Hilmer Appeal 410-535-7369
Dawn Hafer Barstow 410-535-7013
Pat Payne Beach 410-535-1510
Tara Brauns Calvert 410-535-7318
Dawn Nava Dowell 410-535-7842 
Jenna Kephart Huntingtown 410-535-1618
Jennifer Hillman Mt. Harmony 410-535-1618
Carol Laughlin Mutual 410-535-7708
Patricia Dutcher Patuxent 410-535-7839 
Bettelyn Endress Plum Point 410-535-7478
Kim Wayson St. Leonard 410-535-7720 
Sara Heisler Sunderland 410-257-7541
Marie Limburg Windy Hill 410-535-1548


Contact Info
Vanessa Hite Calvert 410-535-7431
Jennifer White Mill Creek 410-535-7854
Mary Chase Northern 410-535-1625
Kathryn Gurbuz Plum Point 410-535-7406
Terry Porter Southern 410-535-7882
Kathy Frazier Windy Hill 410-257-1552


Contact Info
Kelly MacDonald Calvert 410-535-7289
Sherry Brady Huntingtown 410-535-7636
Cynthia Vojtech Northern 410-257-1532
Dawn Benton Patuxent 410-535-7808


Calvert Country School

Shannon Sears 410-414-7031
Debby Weber 410-414-7031