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Services are designed to inform families and build working relationships among families, schools and the community

Family Support Network for Ages 0 - 3

The Family Support Network (FSN) helps to meet the needs of families with children, birth to 3, with developmental delays or disabilities in Maryland. Each local FSN provides information to families regarding information community services; refers families to local support and advocacy groups; provides opportunities for families to network and share ideas and experiences; and helps to link “experienced” parents to parents of newly identified children with similar special needs. The Family Support Network works closely with the Calvert County Infant and Toddlers Program.

Preschool Partners for ages 3 - 5

To help support families when children transition from the Infants and Toddlers Program (ITP) to the Local School System (LSS) preschool special education program or other community-based early child-hood setting, the Maryland State Department Of Education (MSDE) has made funding available to local ITPs to expand services provided through the local Family Support Network (FSN). Preschool Partners provides ongoing support to families of children ages 3 through 5, maintaining the connections with the local ITP, as well as fostering new connections among families, preschool programs, and community services.

Partners for Success for ages 5 - 21


Partners for Success Centers, established as part of each local school system in Maryland, have as their goal the provision of knowledge and the development of essential skills fundamental to parents and professionals working together as equal partners in the educational decision making process. Specifically, Partners for Success Centers seek to:

                  *  Increase parental involvement in the special education decision making process

             *  Provide information and resources about disabilities and community services

                   *  Assist families in resolving concerns and to make informed decisions regarding
                       their child’s education

   *  Increase collaborative relationships through information and training.


Partners for Success Services Include:

Lending Library - The Partners for Success Lending Library, located at the Hunting Creek Annex includes a variety of materials (books, audio tapes, videos and software) with a wide range of topics including information on varying disabilities, health issues, child development, parenting, teaching strategies, IEP information and much more.


Workshops - We will provide various workshops periodically throughout the school year for both parents and educators. Topics will range from IEP information to behavior and social skills for your child.

If you have a suggestion for a workshop topice please email




Newsletter - Periodic newsletters containing information and events concerning disabilities in this community and the surrounding area will be distributed through the school to all parents of a student in a special education classroom.  If you are interested and your child does not receive a newsletter please email the Partners for Success Resource Center and let us know.


Other Partners for Success Services may include:

     *  Providing information and Special Education resources

     *  Assistance with understanding the IEP Process

     *  Information about local, state and national parent organizations

     *  Assistance and help understanding the transition process from school to adulthood.

If you have any questions, would like more information or would like to check out our library and borrow an item please contact the Partners for Success Resource Center by calling 410-535-5387 or you can email

The Center is located at:     Hunting Creek Annex

                                       4105 Old Town Road

                                       Huntingtown, Maryland  20639

A parent of a child with disability and an educator staff each Partner for Success Center

If you would like more information about Partners for Success or would like to come in and check out our lending library please contact:


Sue Rafalowski
Wynne Maksimovic
Parent Coordinator Education Coordinator
410-535-7387 410-414-7508

Christy Harris, Director of Special Education 410-535-7422