Infants & Toddlers Program Directory


Single-Point-of-Entry/New Referrals - 410-414-7034

Main Phone Number – 410-535-7380                         

Fax Number – 410-535-7383

Calvert County Public Schools - Family Support Network Community Resources


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Name Title Contact Info
Christina Harris Director of Special Education 410-535-7422


Name Title Contact Info
Barbara Brunner Audiologist 443-486-4273
Beth Nelson Audiologist 443-486-4273
Sue Rafalowski Family Support Network Coordinator 410-535-7387
Sheila Myers Infants &Toddlers Program Coordinator 410-414-7034
Carla Mathers Intake Specialist / Special Instructor 410-414-7034
Carol Lavoie Occupational Therapist 443-486-4146
Robin Sanders Paraprofessional/Preschool Partners Coordinator 443-486-4146
Tracey Williams Physical Therapist 443-486-4146
Shelley McClain Physical Therapy Assistant


Kathy Kletter Secretary 410-535-7380
Lisa Merriman Speech Language Pathologist 410-535-7368
Carrie Holaus Speech Language Pathologist


Jean Torgerson Service Coordinator 410-535-5400 x430
Michelle Fean Special Instructor 443-486-4146
Erick Carswell Special Instructor 410-535-7368
JoAnn Williams Special Instructor 410-535-7368