Title I - Goals

Goal 1

Learning – Achievement will increase for all students and gaps in achievement will close

  • Continue monthly Title I Helping Teacher Leadership meetings to facilitate communication among administrators, Central Office, and Classroom teachers. Use monthly meetings to explore and implement best practice to support service delivery, and ensure compliance with updated state and federal requirements.
  • Expand analysis of data to include:
    • Formalized student and program data reviews throughout the year.
    • Use data to develop targeted student performance goals that are, specific, measurable, attainable, and designed to accelerate student learning
    • Continue to track performance of exited students through the end of grade 5.
  • Reestablish guidelines for frequency of assessments for students identified as in need of Tier 2 or Tier 3 Intervention. Update data collection process to include quarterly report of all Title I students identified as eligible to receive Title I services utilizing electronic data collection procedures.
  • Review and update if necessary, a matrix of task responsibilities to insure procedural consistency of test administration.
  • Provide and implement research base intervention programs for students identified as in need of Tier 2 or Tier 3 intervention level of support. Update Intervention Fidelity Checklists to ensure consistency in the delivery of all SRRB
  • Interventions.
  • Update process by which Title I data is used for careful consideration during SST and PST meetings. Share procedures with Student Services Team, school based administrators as well content supervisors.
  • Collect and evaluate longitudinal data for grade 3 students who received Title I services.
  • Explore alternative service delivery models to compliment and maximize instructional in concert with Houghton/Mifflin Reading series.
  • Utilize data to monitor and evaluate student achievement by targeted populations.

Goal 2

All teachers will be highly qualified, highly skilled and highly effective

  • Continue implementation of a coordinated process to provide monthly staff development for all Title I Teachers and Assistants to focus on instructional best practices, interventions and strategies to improve parent capacity to work with their children on goals specific to them to increase student achievement. Utilize a model to include embedded staff development to provide on site differentiated support based on the needs of each building as determined by Title I data.
  • Provide opportunities for Title I staff to attend conferences that support the goals of the Master Plan pertaining to the needs of the Title I program.
  • Continue to provide staff development for Title I Helping Teachers to build capacity in the area of leadership, team meeting facilitation and parent involvement.
  • Update electronic communication process for disseminating information for the purpose of increasing building capacity and promote system wide growth.
  • Conduct Fall school visitation and Spring audit for all Title I building to provide feedback for program improvement in the areas of assessment, service delivery and practice. Determine the effectiveness of interventions implemented in 2009-2010 school year and provide ongoing staff development in the use of SRRB interventions.

Goal 3

Infrastructure policy, procedure, processes and budget will be aligned to support teaching and learning

  • Continue District Level Parent Advisory Council and with a focus on parent/teacher communication, building parent capacity to help their student at home and training with representation from all Title I schools.
  • Include parent recommendations for improved student achievement.
  • Develop and provide specific targets for Parent Advisory Council.
  • Seek parent input on the Title I Distrcit Level Plan, the budget for the District Level funds, the Title I Survey, progress monitoring of students and other issues of concern to parents in the Title I progam.
  • Collaborate with partner agencies and institutes to increase student achievement and participation in parent involvement activities.
  • Continue to provide an established centralized mechanism whereby members can share information, best practices and funding opportunities.
  • Seek parent input on how to provide a comprehensive summer program process to meet the needs of Title I at risk students.
  • Analyze Title I student participation of summer programming to determine instructional impact and gain information to help determine fall Title I services.
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