Summer Reading

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Introduction to Summer Reading 2016

Summer reading affords all students the opportunity to enjoy books in a relaxed and leisurely setting while developing a lifelong love of reading. Calvert County Public Schools encourages all students and their families to engage in reading together this summer by exploring books of all kinds for information and enjoyment.

Research has shown that students who read during the summer months retain more learning and move into the new school year more prepared than do those students who do not engage in reading. It is important that all students continue to pursue this important academic skill.

All students, including those who are new to Calvert County Public Schools, are included in the summer reading program and are encouraged to participate fully in it.

Please note that high school students who are enrolled in Advanced Placement English courses (AP English Language & Composition, AP English Literature & Composition) have specific book title requisites which are aligned with the college-level work assigned in those courses.

Calvert County Public Schools is in partnership with Calvert Library and its branches to promote summer reading and support students and their families. It is our hope that students enjoy many books this summer!

To sign up for summer reading through Calvert Library, please click on the link below:


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