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Ancient World History

Ancient Egypt
This is a wonderful site for studying Ancient Egypt. There are numerous pictures, visitors can take virtual tours of Egyptian tombs and create Cartouche that bare their name.

Ancient Americas

  • Andes Adventure  National Geographic's adventurous autopsy of 500 year old Incan Mummy, piece by piece.

  • The Aztec Calendar Want to calculate the date accrording to Aztec time? Also learn much more about this complex system of keeping time.

  • Incas: Empires of Mystery The "Empires of Mystery" exhibit at the Florida International Museum in St. Petersburg puts on display 300 artifacts, offering a glimpse of civilizations that flourished and died over thousands of years in Peru.

  • Maya Adventure  The Science Museum of Minnesota has developed an excellent site that combines research on the Maya culture with science skills.

  • Yaxuna Archaeology Site  Visit this interesting dig on the Yucatan Peninsula. Includes movies and Quicktime VR shots.

Ancient Asia

  • Harrapa  A graphically oriented site that describes the ancient culture of Harrapa in the context of moderb day India. Be sure to check out the around the Indus in 90 Slides section.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece

  • In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great Trace the creation of the Greek empire and discover the truth behind the legend of Alexander -- a young man who conquered the known world before he reached the age of 30 -- with this informative site.

  • The Ancient City of Athens VR movies that allow users to explore the ruins of nineteen ancient Greek archaeological sites, including the Acropolis in Athens and the Temple of Aphaia in Aegina.

Ancient Middle East

  • The Code of Hammurabi  The entire thing. One big document. Have a few days? Some heavy copying and pasting might make an interesting lesson.

Ancient Rome

  • Ancient Rome in North Africa  This student and adult friendly site describes the work of an archaelogist as he digs up the ancient city the Romans called Lepcis Magna. Included is a "kid's zone", virtual tour, site plans, historical background and downloadadble dig reports.

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Transition to Modern Times

Castles of the Web
Castles on the Web is designed to organize the many castle sites on the net.

Medieval History

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Modern World History 1500 to 1799

The Triangle Trade
This site is produced by the Merseyside Maritime Museum and illustrates details of the Triangle Trade.



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Modern World History 1800 to present

Anne Frank, Online
The Anne Frank Center USA is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the universal message of tolerance by developing and disseminating a variety of educational programs, including exhibitions, workshops, and special events. Based on the power of Anne Frank's diary the Anne Frank Center USA aims to inspire the next generation to build a world based on compassion, mutual respect, and social justice.

United Nations CyberSchoolBus
Great lessons related to the United Nations and world issues are collected in this elegant, professionally done treasury. Excellent lessons for all grade levels. May need to be modified for elementary.

Korea Society
A great site to link to other sites to learn about the history of Korea including the Korean War and the present. Additional information about opportunities for teachers to learn more about the language and culture of Korea through fellowships.

World's Columbian Exposition
Tour this electronic exhibit of the popular 1893 World Columbian Exposition, the international world fair introduced the many exciting new inventions and reflected the culture of the world at this time.

Africans in America: The Terrible Transformation
This site is produced by PBS and outlines the African slave trade.

Excavation of the Slave Ship Henrietta Marie
This site has a number of excellent pictures of the underwater excavation of the Henrietta Marie. Included is an extensive narrative of the African slave trade.

Victorian Era
The Victorian Era has not been studied as completely as it could have been in the past. This resource encompasses a variety of cultural, political and literary events during the reign of Queen Victoria.

Victoria and Albert, Vicky & The Kaiser
This splendid on-line version of a 1997 German Historical Museum exhibit depicts the history of the Anglo-German relations during the reign of Queen Victoria.

Soviet Archive Document
Download pages from the Russian archives now housed in the Library of Congress. Translations of primary documents are on-line.

Russian Constitution
Following the dissolution of the U.S.S.R. the Constitution of the Russian Federation was ratified. An English translation is provided.

Penny Magazine
Excerpts from the 1832-1835 editions of the popular 19th century magazine which provides a glimpse into the life of the working class of England.

Nuremberg Trials
In 1945, 21 Nazi defendants were tried in Nuremberg for war crimes committed during World War II. This story is told mostly through interviews.

The National D-Day Memorial Foundation
This site is dedicated to memoralizing the valor, fidelity, and sacrifices of the Allied Forces on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

National D-Day Museum
This site is an excellent source of information on the World War II European theater and the D-Day Invasion.

This resource focuses upon Karl Marx and his political and economic theories. Communist Manifesto and other documents are available on-line.

Irish Famine
Illustrated with engravings and original documents and contemporary accounts of the Irish Potato Famine of 1845-50.

Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina
This is a good site to learn about Bosnia and its history, conflicts, politics and people. Students can send email to be answered.

Nagatsuka Elementary School Homepage
This is not an appropriate site for a younger student due to the sensitivity of the subject. An older student can learn about the effects of the atomic bomb on the city of Nagasaki.

C.A.N.D.L.E.S. Holocaust Museum
This is a good site for beginning to learn about the Holocaust. It is brief but informative.

First-person stories of Jews and non-Jews persecuted by the Nazis and true stories of young people who survived the Holocaust are only two of the features of this very complete site. There is a link to a virtual tour of Auschwitz.



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General World History Websites

Comprehensive World History Site (World History Notes)

Comprehensive World History Site

History Central
History Central provides a timeline of world history, as well as information devoted to America's Wars, including the history of every major war in America's history from the Revolutionary War to the Gulf War. These sections include photos and a description of each major event. Additionally, there is a section on elections. This part includes the history of each election in American history. The history includes both popular and electoral votes in each election, voter turnout, as well as a map of the states carried by each competing candidate. Finally, History Central includes pages on the economy, population, geography and over 400 primary source documents in American history.

The Institute for International Strategic Studies
The Publication Directorate of INSS publishes books, monographs, reports, and occasional papers on national security strategy, defense policy, and national military strategy through National Defense University Press that reflect the output of university research and academic prorams. In addition, it produces Joint Force Quarterly, a professional military journal published for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Stackpole Military Books
This site provides campaign and unit histories and film from the United States military and various other periods.

Military Art
This site has a number of excellent pictures of military scenes.

The on-line edition of A & E television's "Biography" series features reviews of the current top-selling biographies. Videotapes of the programs are available for purchase.

Distinquished Women of the Past and Present
Brief biographies of women who have had a significant impact on world cultures organized into 34 categories. Notables from Sakajawe to Mother Teresa can be found on this site.

This is a history book online that covers over 3000 years of world history. More interesting format than a history book.

Global Village Game
You can visit places in cyberspace around the world as a UNICEF worker. Students role-play a global decision-maker working in identified places.

What did the common folk to nobility wear in history? From The Roman soldiers to the end of the 19th century is depicted on this site.

The Canadian Resource Page is a virtual encyclopedia on every aspect of Canada. There are approximately 500 links to information from this site.

British Monarchy
This is the official web site of the British monarchy and provides lots of information about palaces, succession and art and jewels of the crown. Some links to other sites.

History Quiz Show
A fun way to test student's knowledge of history facts.

Ask is an educational website for students and teachers covering some 30 countries that comprise Asia today, and featuring materials that stem from early civilizations to current events.

World History Connected

World History Connected presents innovative classroom-ready scholarship, keeps readers up to date on the latest research and debates, presents the best in learning and teaching methods and practices, offers readers rich teaching resources, and reports on exemplary teaching.