Service Learning

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Program Overview
Calvert County Public Schools (CCPS) promotes high-quality service learning experiences for all students. Calvert County Public Schools Student Service-Learning Program is designed to teach, recognize, and value individual service to the community as informed citizens and responsible stewards of the environment with knowledge of history, economics, conservation and preservation.

Action steps are integrated into each grade level to create a comprehensive Student Service-Learning Program.

Student Service-Learning is unlike “community service” and “volunteering” in that Student Service-Learning:

Calvert County Public Schools Student Service-Learning Program promotes the Seven Best Practices of service-learning through student involvement that meet recognized needs in the community, achieve curricular objectives, provide time for reflection throughout the experience, develop student responsibilities, establish community partnerships, plan ahead for service, and equip students with knowledge and skills needed for service. The students have real experiences in several grades within the science and social studies curricula. Both curricula reference the Voluntary State Curricula (VSC) as a foundation document. CCPS Student Service-Learning Program provides an opportunity for all children to have multiple experiences with service-learning.

Calvert County Public Schools students may fulfill the Student Service-Learning graduation requirement through a variety of ways listed below.


Imbedded in Curriculum Courses

  • Student Service-Learning hours are awarded to students who successfully complete the Student Service-Learning projects in grades 1 – 8.
  • The program starts in first grade. By the end of eighth grade, students will have completed their 75-hour graduation requirement. The elementary and middle school Student Service-Learning Projects are infused in science and social studies.
  • Student Service-Learning hours may be earned in any class where the classroom teacher oversees SSL projects that are linked to course objectives.
  • Student Service –Learning hours earned through coursework must meet Maryland 's Seven Best Practices.
  • Student Service-Learning hours may be earned through a pre-approved independent student project that meets Maryland 's Seven Best Practices.


Late Entry Requirements for High School

The high school activities are designed for students who transfer into the CCPS system and have not completed their SSL requirements. These students will:

  1. Enroll in the Student Service-Learning (2710) class at their high school and
  2. Complete an individualized SSL Project. All individualized projects must be approved by the School-Based SSL Coordinator before the activity begins.


Imbedded in Clubs and Organizations

Activities which Student Service-Learning hours are earned must address a recognized need in the community as well as meet each best practice.

The student must document all Student Service-Learning on CCPS form, Student Service-Learning Activity Verification Form . Verification must be turned in according to timelines listed on the form.


Pre-Approved Community Organizations

A current list of pre-approved community organizations can be attained from school based service learning coordinators or downloaded by clicking on the name of form below.





Pre-approved Community Organizations

Student Service-Learning Activity Verification Form is required to document all Student Service-Learning projects.


Organizations Not Pre-Approved

Activities with community organizations not listed on CCPS Pre-Approved Partners require advanced approval from the school SSL coordinator. The SSL coordinator will provide the student with the appropriate forms.