What Calvert County Public Schools Offers

New/Beginning Teacher Salary and Fringe Benefits

Calvert County Public Schools offers a competitive teacher salary and benefits package. First year teachers with a bachelor’s degree are paid $45,046 for the 2013-2014 school year.  Benefits include an excellent health insurance package, free term life insurance, sick leave, personal business leave and tuition reimbursement for graduate courses.

I'm glad I was employed by Calvert County Public Schools because "it has always been my dream to come back and teach here. I want to make a difference." --Christina Robinson, University of MD Baltimore County

New/Beginning Teacher Support

The New/Beginning Teacher program is designed to assist new professionals in adapting to a new environment and profession.  The program consists of two full in-service days before the veteran staff returns.  In addition, New/Beginning Teachers are required to meet for five (5) two-hour sessions scheduled in the fall. All new teachers are assigned a mentor teacher who will assist on-site throughout the school year.

Of the many advantages to teaching in Calvert County, I most value "the direct, immediate, and supportive assistance of District level staff; strong and professional schools; caring and nurturing schools; strong education goals for students' data driven decision making model."         --Kiimberly MacDonald, University of North Carolina - Charlotte


Calvert County Public Schools teachers have access to computers with Internet capability. In addition, all student grades are maintained using electronic grade book software.  Smart Board technology is available in many of our classrooms.

I'm glad I was employed by Calvert County Public Schools because"I am committed to the success of the county and its students, and this position allows the opportunity to continue that success."  --Ronald Chew, Notre Dame of Maryland University


Preparation Time

Each teacher is allotted time daily for preparation and planning.

I chose to teach in Calvert County because "Calvert County Public Schools values the whole child and the continuance of being a lifelong learner for teachers."  --Jill Gabrielson, Millersville University

Distinguished Schools and Staff

Calvert County Public Schools continues to rank in the top 10% of schools systems in Maryland in the area of student achievement.  Our staff is very active as presenters at state and national conferences.

I'm glad I was employed by Calvert County Public Schools because "of the sense of community and dedication to superior education found within Calvert County Public Schools."   --Kristin Benner, University of MD College Park

Rich Extracurricular Programs

A variety of extra-curricular activities are available in our schools.  Musically inclined students may perform in the band, orchestra or chorus.  Others may participate in dramatic productions and/or in various intramural and interscholastic sports.  School, county and regional science and history fairs are held yearly.  Teachers sponsor many clubs of interest to the students at each school.  Regional verbal and math contests are also popular with students.

The school newspaper and yearbook are student-produced.  Some students are elected to student council and National Honor Society.

I would advise applicants to consider teaching in Calvert County schools because "it offers clear advantages for professional growth and staff support.  --Tracy Bensing, University of MD College Park

Social activities, including dances, are sponsored on both the high school and middle school levels. Students in elementary schools may participate in a variety of after school clubs.

Outstanding Facilities

School facilities in Calvert County Public Schools are in great shape, thanks to the dedicated efforts of our maintenance and custodial staff.  The Maryland State Department of Education inspects several schools in each jurisdiction every year and our schools have always received one of the two highest ratings.  Our schools are modern, well-kept, and provide a wonderful learning and teaching atmosphere for our students and teachers.

I'm glad I was employed by Calvert County Public Schools because"I feel I will be a part of a family given the support needed to do my job to the best of my ability. I also feel my career will be enhanced tremendously being a part of an institution that has a proven success record."  --Randy Griffin, Excelsior College

Strong Interscholastic Athletics

Calvert County Public Schools offers a wide variety of middle school, junior varsity and varsity sports including Golf, Cross Country, Soccer, Volleyball, Football, Field Hockey, Basketball, Wrestling, Softball, Baseball, Track, Swimming and Lacrosse.  Our athletic success is second to none in the state.  Calvert County Public Schools is a great place to coach and teach.

Of the many advantages to teaching in Calvert County, I most value"the resources available to new teachers. Being a new teacher from out of state, Human Resources has been great in helping me transition."

--Katie Gustafson, University of Delaware

Performing Arts

Students of the Calvert County Public School System enjoy a comprehensive Arts Education program from Kindergarten through Grade 12.  Elementary music courses include general and choral music with instrumental music instruction (strings and band) beginning in Grade 4.  Visual art instruction is offered in every grade from Kindergarten through Grade 12.  High School Visual Art classes include painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture and photography.  Middle School music programs include concert band, orchestra, chorus and general music.  These types of performing groups continue through high school with the addition of numerous choral groups, jazz bands and marching bands.  Students are taught by state certified music and art educators at all grade levels.  Music groups perform at regional and state festivals, and art students exhibit their artwork at local and state exhibits.  Dance and Theater classes are offered at the high school level.

I would advise applicants to consider teaching in Calvert County schools because"of the caring people, competitive salary, and beautiful surroundings.” --Jeannie Ellis, Goucher College

Innovation and Creativity

Calvert County Public Schools employs innovative and creative approaches to financing, employee compensation, meeting the diverse needs of students, curriculum development, instruction, and community involvement.

I chose to teach in Calvert County because"I attended Calvert County Public Schools and I know the high standard they hold for their students."  --Kelly Fagan, University of MD College Park


Calvert County continues to be a safe, desirable community where families seek to relocate.

Safe Environment

All Calvert County schools have a closed campus policy.  Only students, staff, and authorized visitors are allowed on campuses during the school day.  Students at all grade levels must remain on campus unless authorized to leave.  All Calvert County schools and facilities are well lit and well maintained.

Additional Benefits:

Waiver of background check fees.

Shared cost for Calvert County Public School tuition for teachers' children who reside outside of Calvert County.

A smoke-free environment for all students and employees.

A supportive environment for innovation and creativity.

A special education program that is innovative and provides services to meet the individual needs of students.

Please send questions and comments to: ccpersonnel@calvertnet.k12.md.us