Educational Support Personnel Employment Opportunities


Support personnel include all clerical, food service, maintenance, custodial, and transportation positions that do not require state certification and those who are not management positions.

Applicants for support positions are invited and encouraged to submit applications for support positions at any time. When a vacancy for positions such as food service worker, custodian, secretary, instructional assistant, electrician, or other maintenance workers occurs, principals review requests for transfer and promotion of current employees and review completed files of applicants. Interviews are then scheduled for current employees and selected candidates.

Generally, there are a great many applications on file for food service workers, instructional assistants, secretaries, and custodians. Positions are seldom vacant for more than a week and it is usually difficult for an applicant to complete an application and have references forwarded during the six-day period set by the Negotiated Agreement for support personnel. It is best to have an application on file in anticipation of vacancies.

Applicants for secretarial positions will be notified of testing dates after applications are complete. Secretarial testing occurs periodically. Upon the successful completion of the secretarial tests, applicant files for secretarial positions will be reviewed by interested principals when a vacancy occurs.

Secretarial Testing Procedures