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Purpose of the Comprehensive Maintenance Plan

The Calvert County Public School System has a planned program for the Maintenance and Operation of the school facilities. This comprehensive plan for the maintenance of buildings, grounds, and equipment is designed to provide for the optimum safety and comfort of the occupants. Equally important, this plan is also designed to guarantee maximum efficiency of each building and equipment and to minimize the need for major repairs or replacements.

The characteristics of this maintenance plan are predicated primarily on prevention, which allows for optimal plant capabilities. It also provides for a more deliberate approach to funding the maintenance and operations sections of the budget.

Objectives of Maintenance

The primary objective of the maintenance program is to have optimal plant running capability with a vigilant eye on proper conservation of energy and manpower. Corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance during the 40-year life expectancy of the building can be performed to prevent future cost and/or shutdowns. Repairs or replacements are necessary to maintain the buildings, grounds, and fixed equipment in an operable condition. Specifical­ly this can be further broken down as follows:

1. To provide buildings which function at optimal efficiency.

2. To maintain the buildings and grounds and fixed equipment in such a manner as to elimi­nate or reduce to acceptable levels, fires, accidents, and safety hazards.

3. To provide continuous use of facilities without disruptions to the educational program.

4. To protect public property by planned, scheduled, and repair maintenance.

5. To conserve energy by ensuring that the maximum results are obtained with a minimal expenditure of energy. An award system is in place for schools that conserve electricity.

6. To provide a maintenance program which will produce the maximum amount of maintenance for the dollars expended.


Boiler and pressure vessel certification is performed annually by our insurance carrier, ARISE. The Maryland Association of Boards of Education also performs unscheduled, on-site audits to insure that the Calvert County Public Schools maintain a safe environment in compliance with major regulatory requirements.

Environmental matters that relate to indoor air quality, water quality, and other environmental safeguards are managed by the Director of School Facilities, specific maintenance workers and when needed, independent testing laboratories. When questions regarding environmental issues are presented, the appropriate maintenance workers and/or appropriate testing laboratories are contacted to perform and to subsequently monitor issues that may emanate from specific schools. Reports and findings are returned to the schools and corrective measures are taken, if so warranted.

We have two air condition mechanics that have been trained and certified as indoor air quality technicians by American Indoor Air Quality Council. We have a Water Superintendent who is certified by the Maryland Department of Environment.