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Office Staff

Name Title Contact Info
Mr. Thomas Powers Director of School Facilities 410-535-7282
Mr. Greg Gott Supervisor of Operations 443-486-4019
Mr. Mike McLaughlin Supervisor of Maintenance 410-535-7297
Ms. Donna McCrory Work Order System Technician 410-535-7435
Mr. Doug Lyons Paint Foreman 410-535-7282
Mr. Wayne Mister Grounds/Auto Foreman 410-535-7282
Mr. Keith Roberts Plant Engineer/HVAC Foreman 410-535-7282
Mr. Gary Ward Carpenter Foreman 410-535-7282
Ms. Bea Weems Foreman of Building Service Workers 443-486-4019
Ms. Cindy Russo Administrative Secretary 410-535-7282
Ms. Nancy Thompson Administrative Secretary 410-535-7235

Maintenance Staff

Name Title Contact Info
Michael Andrewlevick Plant Engineer
Edward Bowen Carpenter
Keith Bowen Laborer
Louie Bruno Carpenter
Patrick Cronshaw Painter
Jerry Dalrymple Electrician
Michael Franklin Painter/Drywall Specialist
John Godfrey Electrician
Donald Timothy Gott Equipment Operator
Leonard Hall Driver/Warehouse
Charles Jones Roofer
Kevin Jones Plant Engineer
Tony Jones Laborer
Carl Kachauskas HVAC Mechanic
Michael Lenz HVAC Mechanic
Louis Long Equipment Operator/Truck Driver
Scott Long HVAC Mechanic
Tommy Mattera Auto Mechanic
Alan McCrory Carpenter
Joe Mister Equipment Operator
Mike Mooradian Painter
David Moore Locksmith/Carpenter
Richard O'Dell Painter
Mark Scrivener Electrician
James Shifflett HVAC Mechanic
James Sunderland Plumber
Donald Trigger Auto Mechanic
Thomas Valentin Equipment Operator
Joseph Wathan III HVAC Mechanic
William Weems Carpenter
John Williams HVAC Mechanic
Eric Young HVAC Mechanic

Operations Staff

Name Title Contact Info
Archie Bowen Coordinator of Building Service Worker's Warehouse
Dennis Gibson Electronics Technician
Steve Godwin Electronics Technician
Thomas Komenda Electronics Technician
Warran Gorman Head Building Service Worker
Jeanette Long Building Service Worker
Christopher Mlinaric Water Treatment Specialist 1
William Lonnie Smith Water Treatment Specialist 2
Sheila Stevens Energy & Environmental Specialist
Gary Tompkins Building Automation Systems Specialist