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Vision for the Calvert County Public Schools

The citizens of Calvert County understand our free society requires educated and informed individuals who possess the skills needed to think critically, act intelligently and work creatively on matters of personal and common concern.

Public schools are essential for developing responsible citizens, providing equality of opportunity, and improving the lives of individuals and families.

Public schools increase the capacity of citizens to fully participate in and contribute to the civic, economic, cultural and social progress in our community, in our state, in our nation and in the world.

These are the aspirations for our schools, families and community:


  1. We have a school environment and culture that creates enthusiasm for learning, where all students are challenged to embrace the value of learning for its own sake.
  2. We reach out to ensure that our families and community have access and open communication at every level of the educational system.
  3. We have teachers and staff who are empowered to:
    • adapt to students’ individual needs;
    • create improved and innovative learning environments; and
    • require the highest standards of work and discipline
  4. We have students, teachers and staff who are:
    • recognized for their dedication and excellence;
    • respected and valued for their input and creativity; and
    • tolerant and sensitive to ethnic, cultural and individual differences
  5. We have safe and orderly schools where we share accountability among students, parents, teachers, support staff, administrators and board members for academic excellence and consistently enforced standards of conduct.
  6. We have partnerships with families, government, businesses, faith based and community organizations to promote superior academic and extra-curricular activities placing children first.
  7. We have mechanisms for honest and effective communication among students, families, teachers, support staff, administrators and board members.


  1. We have learning systems that integrate technology to achieve better instruction.
  2. We fully and creatively utilize facilities to support education, recreation and community activities.
  3. We have an objective employment process that is aware of the need to hire highly qualified people of diverse backgrounds.
  4. We provide effective use of funding that is appropriate to accommodate student growth, quality standards and equitable educational opportunities.
  5. We have effective methods of ongoing evaluation of all aspects of the school system.
  6. We have schools that reflect the highest standards of work, discipline and values.

Standards, Practices, and Outcomes

  1. We have educational opportunities that are diverse, rigorous, challenging and fair.
  2. We aspire to standards of our students’ educational achievement that are second to none.
  3. We graduate responsible and productive citizens.