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About the Board of Education

Successfully meeting the challenges that face the school district, not the least of which is growth and finance, can only be accomplished with the support of the educational community—teachers, students, parents and citizens. When this kind of support is combined with each child's inherent curiosity and talents, the results can be spectacular.

The Board of Education hires the superintendent and sets the policies that provide a framework for the program of studies.

The Board generally holds a work session the second Thursday of each month at 12:00 noon, with a business meeting to follow at 2:00 p.m. The work sessions focus on comprehensive presentations and discussions about instructional and curricular matters, short-range and long-range planning and associated budgetary issues. The Board welcomes public comment and testimony during the time allotted during the business meetings. Tentative agendas are available one week in advance.

Other special meetings and hearings are scheduled as needed. Administrative sessions are not open to the public and are devoted to topics that are administrative in nature. Closed sessions are also not open to the public and are for the purpose of discussing personnel, land acquisition and other issues permitted by the Maryland Open Meetings Act, 10-508(a) of the State Government Article.

All sessions, unless otherwise noted, are held in the Board Room of Brooks Administrative and Instructional Center at 1305 Dares Beach Road in Prince Frederick.

To contact us:

Phone: 410-535-7220
Fax: 410-535-7476
Email: maxeyk@calvertnet.k12.md.us
Write: Board of Education of Calvert County
1305 Dares Beach Road
Prince Frederick, Maryland 20678