Bay Anchovy

Bay Anchovy
Anchoa mitchilli

Bay Anchovy Drawing

The delicate Bay Anchovy is one of the most frequently observed species of fish at King's Landing. During some seasons several thousand individual anchovies may be captured during our seining activities with the seventh grade program. Bay Anchovies are an important food source for many species of fish in the river and the Bay. Almost any predatory fish will feed on the anchovy, including striped bass, white perch, yellow perch and bluegills among other species. Anchovies themselves feed upon plant material such as algae which is collected on spiny structures inside the anchovy's large mouth.

The Bay Anchovy is almost transparent, in fact it is easy to see the internal organs of this fish when it is handled. This clear coloration probably assists as a form of camouflage against larger predators.

The anchovy is very fragile and should be handled with great care if transferring from a net to a holding container.

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